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tv   [untitled]    May 12, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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education system sea part of the great society of san francisco are going looking for ways to support our kids safely and successfully this is the promise of san francisco this is with you do not why we came to work for the city i'm sure each the supervisors like supervisor wiener we talk about the quality of life we all look at the people that came to the city and they want the best education that we can possible have to have is a chance because that's longer than a competition been us and ooshgd or san jose but the whole world how to use our innovation center to produce the best educated kids and exam patient as well as arts and science and technology. we need to have even better
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citizens mediate e lead our way and perhaps take my jobs and the supervisors jobs with we've got a holistic approach this is really what's behind the recognition you're wonderful teachers and principles and we get to talk about the innovation both in the classrooms around the parents and investment of the school district but your chosen because your accelerate in the areas that you're working in we want to recognize that >> build it that's why year after year we've got entities that want to recognize and embrace that so later on after this thirty plus thousand commitment we're going to increase it year after year because more and more people are hearing the fabulous stories of what the experience is in our
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public education and how better it will get for everyone and how we'll reach across all the kids and really claim the title we deserve the best city in the world. i want to say thank you to the teachers and you're wonderful exhibition of talent and to the principles thank you for creating campuses and environments that work with the society and community business and nonprofits, government, we all have to have that working together in order to produce i think the tolerant we need out of our schools and to the parent and families keep pushing us are this is where we need accident parental family engagement in the school districts to keep paying attention to the kids to our education. this is why we came to occupy
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those positions so we can get pushed by communities that time more and best not better best out of us congratulations to the supervisor and partners in the board and elected officials but especially today to the teachers and he principles thank you for your wonderful work. as much on the tables i hope that you will see reflected in this but very deep appreciation we have for the people working in our education system. thank you very much (clapping.) thank you mr. mayor >> i wanted to invite sandy fewer and the superintendant back in the school district and
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commissioner winning. >> thank you. i attended this celebration a couple of years ago it has really grown but there were 3 guests you could choose one now i have a table i'm so glad this has caught on laura. i want to start off saying as the president of the brvks i'm honored to be here today in the presence of those exceptional kaertsz and educational leader thank you foyer being a part of the sf family and on behalf of the brvks thank you for the work everyday and the leaders they've chosen teaching and i'd like to thank the mayor for recognizing our teachers and educators because those people are so
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often not recognized enough for the significant and pronounced job they do everyday it's a fourth generation go san franciscan my families have been educators to the public schools i'm grateful for all the work you've denouncing done and to build future generations for san franciscans and i'll be able to help you guys. we go everywhere and talk about the san francisco school district those are the fabulous individuals that work hard everyday to serve our citizens and there they could be he will smoifrlg making more money but they change the individual's lifes of our is the students is immeasurable thank you and mayor for this recognition and again
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too often not recognized enough. thank you. (clapping.) >> i'll take a second to thank the mayor and everyone 0 who is here particularly the teachers and principles our goal and job is to honor them as much as we can everyday that's the purpose and i want to see we need to understand how expired to say to have the partnership between the city and district that's not unique i'll hope you with the mayors office they have a lot of to learn we treasure this as we treasure our community to make it possible to have the school district and the students we have so thank you all for being here and help us honor those
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people that deserve this honor (clapping.) so congratulations to our wonderful teachers and wonderful site administers thank you all for being here i want to agree with president for your we could fill the room with gifts and it's not enough to thank you pursue i'm reminded of two stories and their true. one is the story of a parent i met at a community engagement function who talked about passionately having lost their job as a single parent and sole provider he told me passionately about the wonderful work that his child's teacher had done in helping him to take care of his
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baby. how the teacher went above and beyond how the teacher checked on them and how the teacher when we first lost his wife cooked and sent home with the child dinners in case they wouldn't go hungry that's itself kind of teachers we have so that's why we say we could fill the room with gifts and not thank you enough you're going to create the future san francisco that is filled with abnormalities and business and future teachers that are going to be able to pay it forward. i'm reminded of a parent that talked about the fact they've have been displaced not because of eviction but a fire and the principle right when the fire engines were leaving in the
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middle of the night the principle showed up to the home and show you found out through the word of mouth the family lost their home and shupd and loaded everyone in his vehicle and took them to his home. so you're an example of the principles in the district i know if i asked you, you would say thank you but i'm representing many colleagues, we know that but i'm going to ask a favor just take it in (laughter) this is about all of you today, i join president for your and commissioner winning and mr. mayor in a city where the mayor didn't have the control of the schools that's not a force
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marriage but thank you for fighting the fight to make sure that san francisco is a city to work and leave our children a heritage so congratulations and thank you for being here (clapping.) thank you >> so before we honor our teachers i wanted to tell you about you're good i didn't bags the mayor worked hard on those. every year we had a monetary award to each of you for one thousand dollars we had some wonderful help from the english mall and our good friend frank who added on a little bit ever change to the teachers so your award was an nice clean one thousand. we have an amazing made in san
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francisco we have this really great grouping of folks that make thing in san francisco we couldn't have been more existed about a project that one of our friends took on he made each of you an amazing message bag that has our logo on it >> (clapping) >> so this is new to the awards i'm putting pressure on mark to do this every year he generally donated and it's the mayor's award we have an incredible competitor in the room so similar when we had all of those gifts out california academy of sciences said like wow. we could step up more and you want
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want to make sure every one of you on your deck has something that says cal academy so you'll have a big bag and elizabeth and amy and others thank you you win the prices for competitiveness we have a partner that comes through microsoft we raffled off one lap and one year we got laptop for our principles but this year microsoft came through and each you will be getting a brand new laptop (clapping.) i won't tell you all the other jump i didn't see bus it's loots
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i'm glad you brought your family we have a beautiful tiffany i like getting tiffany bags there but this is a tiffany apple with your names on it you'll be taking that home as well. now the fun part the mayor likes to do is the mystery envelopes those are the mystery envelopes that contain an item valued up to $350 so it could be a nice stay somewhere or a yacht crews or an evening on beach bipartisanship or an evening at the tiffany so as you come up and receive our with regard we'd like you to pick our own envelope you get to choose your own prize but don't know what it
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is so you'll get that. at this time i want to call up our award winners actually our electives to join me one by one a chance to congratulate our with regard he's and take a quick picture. so our first award yes richard. mr. mayor our okay our first award recipient is ms. miller she's from the elementary school and merry religious is a northern california naturalist deeply committed to sharing her love for learning for her
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students merry religious congratulations (clapping) our next award recipient is judy from marshall elementary first grade (clapping) judy is an educator for 26 years and worked for the united since 499 she's developed the marshall program in conjunction with the library check club and in 2005 she was a national board certified teacher. judy congratulations (clapping) our next award recipient i want to telling me tell a quick story about kelly (clapping) and when mayor ed lee came to
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her classroom he won't on behalf of balanced ever again because kelly clark gave him that look (clapping) so kelly (clapping) by introducing to be a full-time teacher she's facilitated the educators at the african services and rode her bike from san francisco to washington, d.c. and talked about the importance of public education. congratulations kelly (clapping) our next award recipient is supervisor yee an chavez 7th
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grade open social studies and for k-8 so she currently teaches spanish her daughter who is here where are you sweetheart there she is a second grader and she's very proud to be a teacher and parent in san francisco public schools and proud to be part of the dual language program (clapping) last but not least our high school teacher of the year michael (clapping) so mike is at balboa high school and after studying with mit he
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took a year off to teach math at the balboa high school and has not left he coaches the schools restraining order bovkz team and kevin also from the school he said mike follows the students around and makes sure he completes the tasks he's one of the nagging teachers we love so mike congratulations (clapping) please give it up for our teachers of the year (clapping) (yelling) (clapping) okay. so i want you to stand up to tell you what you got that in
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your envelopes. okay. i got two tenacity to beach blanket babylonian and a $25 gift card (clapping) i got hilton 2026 hotel one night stay (clapping) >> i got two tickets to the beach and a $25 gift card. >> i got a one night stay at the hilton (clapping) i got a one night weekend at the san francisco hotel (clapping) okay principle you get the leftovers. all equally fabulous.
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sorry. please join me in welcoming our first principle of the ward mr. mayor stop that to our site administer (clapping) ivy has been a full-time administrator since 2008 ivory i didn't see dream is to have high education for the poverty folks ivory very congratulations (clapping) our next principle for elementary i actually have a perm filth to talk about restraining order even she was the first principle at our chinese school and a parent of
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teenagers and jungles quite a bit my her husband is an administrator but rosen sticks out because she kind of came through the ranks and didn't expect to be a principle she's been a tremendous asset so ross citizen the only thing so she began her criteria in 19th street 90 she's a principle of chinese at the affordable housing la and the affordable housing la families wanted to all come out we're excited for rosen she contributed her successful to our mother and father and she wants the same success for all her students
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congratulations rosen (clapping) our next award recipient it has been a tremendous force and wonderful middle school leader i'd like to say michael came up through the ramifications and we're happy principle rhineer of the middle school (clapping) michael completed his 20th year in our school and in 2012 he got his dissertation in science this was exciting, huh? and katrina and him are celebrating they're
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ten accounting anniversary and thank you for doing a fabulous job at the roosevelt (clapping) and last but not least our fabulous principle over at mission high school eric - (yelling). eric began his teaching criteria you can come up over 25th years ago as an english teacher in east los angeles when he cob came back to the bay area he created a high school for homeless children and completed the fellowship program and got an award for arts education in
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2011, the first year mayor ed lee said i heard that mission high school for the first time one their division in football so eric is got a football and they got to see the 409 and eric got to bring his students down. so, please help me in congratulating eric (clapping) (yelling) >> give it up for your principles of the year (clapping) okay. so the superintendant wants to know what prize you got
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in the mystery envelope. it's a bummer i got two tickets plus a sunday brunch at the star light room and one night in the hotel (inaudible) and breakfast (clapping) i got breakfast as well as breakfast for two not with the mayor but it comes with the cove have a hotel as well. thanks (clapping) >> i got the 2014 and 2015 office arrangement. >> congratulations point for the tattoo we didn't go that far
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i'm sorry so you have mission high school tattooed on your arms is that dedication or what? (laughter) . so you all can go back to your seats now. commissioner has joined us this is our 2014 line up for teachers of the year principles of the year and the mayor continues to do this wonderful support for outlining all our teachers and principle we want to encourage you to nominate so we can honor more and more of our teacher we're going to go outs to the giant game for teacher appreciation so all our teachers got tickets against the miami
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marilyn's so we're going to landmark to bring you to the home plate and mission minnesota cupcakes and refreshments to cool you off thank you for joining us for the mayors and principle and teachers award thank you, again. and if i can get the teachers to meet with our sfgovtv they're to interview each one of you we're going to do a profile on sfgovtv television. one more time for you recipients and congratulations to the community for coming
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